Q. Is Henna healthy for the hair?
A. Yes, Henna provides two types of benefit to your hair simultaneously. Henna
will condition and color the hair. As a conditioner, henna strengthens the
hair; it is antifungal and anti-frizz; it reduces the occurrence of dandruff; conditions the dry scalp; slightly loosens the curl pattern and relaxes the hair; helps to detangle; makes hair more manageable; and provides a natural and healthy shine to the hair.

Q. How natural is Reshma Henna?
A. All our materials are a 100% natural and do not contain ammonia, peroxide, or alcohol. We use the purest form of henna and natural ingredients in all our natural hair colors. Henna will leave your hair feeling thicker and smoother.

Q. Will Reshma Henna totally cover gray hair?
A. Yes, Reshma Henna is all natural and will cover gray hair especially by the second application and for enriching your hair color. It contains no hydrogen peroxide and artificial color molecules, which has a smaller effect on the structure of your hair shaft.

Q. Is it safe to use henna and who can use henna?
A. It can be used by men and women of all ages and ethnicities, as it contains all natural ingredients.

Q. Can I apply Reshma Henna on permed hair?
A. Yes, Reshma Henna can be applied to permed hair after 2-3 weeks or 3-5 shampoo cycles.

Q. Can I lighten my hair with Reshma Henna?
A. Since, henna does not contain any unnatural additives;henna will not lighten the hair.

Q. Can I mix colors?
A. Yes

Q.Can I use Reshma Henna on facial/body hair like my eyebrows?
A. Although Reshma Henna can be used on the body for beautiful henna art/tattoo; we do not recommend the use of henna on the face especially the eyebrows or the eyelashes as it may drip in to the eye and cause eye irritation or infection.